Now Hiring!DeKalb County Airport Authority Maintenance Worker We are currently seeking a Maintenance Worker to join the DeKalb County Airport Authority Team. This individual is responsible for the day-to-day safe and efficient operation of maintenance at the Airport, reporting directly to Airport Management. He/she must be committed to the highest standards in safety, productivity, work quality, […] Read More
Indiana Aircraft RegistrationDuring the 2017 session of the Indiana General Assembly, the legislature added a provision into SB 515 that creates a three month window that ends on September 30, 2017 for aircraft based outside of the state to be registered in Indiana and not pay sales/use tax that is required. As a result of Indiana’s tax […] Read More
NextGenFor Immediate Release Date: February 9, 2017 FAA Statement The FAA has spent $7.5 billion in congressionally appropriated funds on the air traffic modernization program known as NextGen over the past seven years. That investment has resulted in $2.7 billion in benefits to passengers and the airlines to date, and is expected to yield more […] Read More
Charles Taylor Master Mechanic AwardSteve McMurray, Century Aviation’s Director of Maintenance, has received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in recognition of more than 50 years of aviation maintenance experience. It was presented Friday afternoon at DeKalb County Airport by George Ballard, FAA Safety Program Manager in the Indianapolis Flight Standards Office. The Charles […] Read More
KGWB Winter OperationsNovember 2016 As another winter season begins, we wanted to review with everyone our snow removal operations and point out some changes for 2016-2017.  One thing that has not changed is our availability, if you need to conduct an operation outside of normal business hours, contact us on our main line or 260-226-1158 emergency number […] Read More
DeKalb County Airport Business Plan“The DCAA chose to draft this Business Plan to ensure that public funds and assets are managed in the most effective manner. The Plan addresses many of the areas that a private sector plan would address. For example, it includes an industry overview and market analysis of trends and competition, a discussion of products and […] Read More
Online Budget NoticesOn March 26, 2014, Governor Pence signed into law House Enrolled Act 1266 (“HEA 1266”). HEA 1266 includes provisions that transition the process of advertising political subdivision budgets and levies from a newspaper system to an online system through the Department of Local Government Finance’s (“Department”) Gateway website. HEA 1266 requires that taxpayers be able […] Read More
Takeoff and Landing Performance AssessmentFrom the FAA: The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) initiative aims to reduce the risk of runway overruns by providing airport operators with a method to accurately and consistently determine the runway condition when a paved runway is not dry. This information will enable airplane operators, pilots, and flight planners to determine the distance […] Read More
New airport hangars open for businessBy Jacob Klopfenstein, KPC Media AUBURN — The DeKalb County Airport cut the ribbon on its new hangars Friday evening. Construction of the two new buildings has been completed for several months, but airport officials formally opened them Friday. The new hangars join three existing units on the northeast side of the airport. Most of […] Read More
B-17 Bomber Lands in DeKalb CountyB-17 Bomber Lands in DeKalb County by Visit DeKalb County There is never a dull moment in DeKalb County. Not only do we have numerous museums that display incredible, military machinery and vehicles, but on Monday we had a very special piece of equipment come into our area: a B-17 Bomber, named “Aluminum Overcast”. This […] Read More